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2017 Tri State Ultra Beast

Hey thanks for stopping by Obstacle Racing STUFF! Where myself and fellow obstacle racers like to post about STUFF!

Since you are here and might be wondering about the site and how it was started… I will tell you.

My name is Chris Azzari I have been running a site called Fit Dad Chris http://fitdadchris.com/ for awhile now as well as some other fitness websites.  Back in 2012 I was invited to my first Obstacle Race which was a super Spartan. That is how I got hooked!

I had been wanted to start a site focused on Obstacle Racing since… besides my family it has taken up most of my free time… and money 😉 I wanted this site to be fun and full of USEFUL, ACTIONABLE info!

Yes… you heard it right, information you can actually use in the real world. So many sites out there just feed you crap that was regurgitated from other websites, which yes is most of the web!

My goal was to try and write info from my personal experiences and save you time, money, and frustration to make your experience a fun one! My other goal was to make this site an outlet for other obtacle racers to share their stories, reviews, and whatever else they want to let the world know, since most people don’t have access to a website like this to share their STUFF!

Getting a review from a real person that has actually… let’s say… worn a specific sneaker and then writes about it is much better than much of the canned reviews of some dude holding a sneaker in his hand and telling us about how it is supposed to work 😉

Right? Sounds good? Awesome….

Well if you have a few minutes below is my little story and journey in OCR. You don’t have to read it, but hey sometimes we all get bored 😉

How I got into Obstacle Racing….

So back in 2012 #2 son was born, we had just moved to a new house and things were crazy! Hadn’t really been working out and I knew I needed to change something!

My buddy asked me if I wanted to do this Spartan race with him since a few of his co-workers bailed on him. I said heck yea!

Now this was really the first time I had heard about Spartan and when I went to the site to sign up I was pumped! So I signed up and then realized this was not your typical 5k mud run I had thought it was. It was a SUPER SPARTAN….. 8+ miles.

MY-First-MileSo I have not ran a mile in I do not know how long and to be honest I hated running! I now realize that there was more to the races than running, but you still gotta run!

After I signed up I was so motivated I went into my back yard with these junkie new balance trainers and ran around the yard until I hit a mile. I was dying! It was so bad! I have a bout 1.5 acres so my yard is not small, but still……. in fact this is the nike map from when I ran this! See the date JULY 22, 2012 ha!

It was eye opening and a bit scary… and as I looked for that picture I found a lot of older posts I had made on my old site about my training which I will link to here…. crazy to read those posts from 2012 and see the things I was doing wrong! Hope it will give you some insight as well!

Not just to give insight, but to also look back and reflect on what I was doing that was not good! If I could go back there are a lot of things I would do differently that is for sure!