Kids Spartan Race

kids-spartan-race-ifoThe popular Spartan Race isn’t just for adults, the race also has specific courses designed for kids. The Spartan Kids Race is one of the best ways to get your kids off their couch and put them on their way to living a healthy lifestyle as they grow. The Spartan Kids Race follows the same principles of the adults Spartan Race and encourages children to push to their limits.

The Spartan Kids Race is available in four formats that are designed in such a way that every age group of children can take part in it and challenge their limits while having the ultimate time of life.

The Kids format of the Spartan Race has four formats:

Junior Race

  • Distance – 0.8 KM
  • Recommended Age – 4-8 years
  • Heat times – 11 am & 2 pm
  • Parents can run with their children
  • The course is mostly visible from the very start to finish.
  • The race lasts about 15 – 20 minutes on average

Junior Race (1.5KM+)

  • Distance – 1.5 KM
  • Recommended age – 9-13 years
  • Heat times – 1 PM
  • Parents cannot run with their children on the course
  • The course is not visible from the start to finish
  • The race lasts about 20 -25 minutes depending on the child’s athletic abilities

Junior Race (3.2KM+)

  • Distance – 3.2 KM
  • Recommended age – 11-14 years
  • Heat times – 9 AM & 12 PM
  • Parents are not allowed to run with children on the course
  • Finishers are awarded a 2-mile finisher medal
  • Most of the course is not visible from the start
  • The race lasts about 45-55 minutes depending on the venue and ability
  • The total distance is based on 2 laps with a 1-mile course with an addition of extended course that has more difficult obstacles to cross.

The Aim of Spartan Kids Race

The Spartan Kids Race is specifically designed for children to give them a childlike sense of adventuring that we have lost in this time and age to technology. It is a perfect way to bring your kids out of their normal life to organized activities that ignite the sense of adventuring in children before they completely lose interest in it. Today, an average child spends 7.5 hours daily on various media forms such as smartphones, video games, TV, movies and other activities that keep them away from the field.

Without physical activity as a crucial part of your child’s upbringing, they suffer from problems such as obesity and other health problems that develop over time as they age. Spartan Kids Race is a fun way to bring back physical activity in their lives that help control their weight, put on lean muscle mass and even strengthen their bones, joints, and muscles. The way the race is designed, kids are put through challenge enough that brings them up to be fitter, healthier and stronger over time.

Children avoid physical activities these days because most of them feel like it’s a chore in their life. Spartan Kids Race was designed in such a way that a child not only takes part in physical activities that improve their health but also give them plenty to have fun with.

Spartan Kids Race Obstacles

Spartan Race is incomplete without obstacles. The same is true for the Spartan Kids Race. The junior race has a number of different obstacles which are essentially miniature versions of some of the obstacles placed in the Adults race. These include mud and water.

The Spartan Kids Race encourages children to run, walk, climb, crawl and balance through their way to the finish line. The obstacles are designed in such a way that it encourages your child to take part in teamwork as well as push their own personal limits.

All you need to know about Spartan Kids Race

There are certain rules and regulation that every parent and child must follow to take part in the Spartan Kids Race. These rules are listed below:

  • Every child and their parents must possess a signed waiver to enter the venue where the race is taking place
  • Parents are instructed to arrive 90 minutes before their child’s race is about to begin
  • Every family receives 2 free spectator passes when they sign up their child for a race.
  • The spectator pass is also valid for adult race, kids race and the festival area
  • One signup means one race. If your child wishes to run another race, you must sign them up for the second race with full registration price


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