Spartan Spear Throw Training Tips


Well if you have every done a Spartan Race then you know all about the Spear Throw. Something that seems so simple can be such a make or break obstacle even at the elite level. It has been the game changer in my final races.

Just like any obstacle the issue is practice. How can you get better at a specific obstacle if you don’t have access to one. With the spear throw all you need is a spear and a bale of hay. Or you can improvise.  If you look here you can see I set up a blanket over my kids playground and the spear is an old closet rod with a vacuum attached stuck to it! Funny, but it works!

Here is a quick video I made today over at Legacy Athletic Club in Cedar Knolls, NJ. I don’t go into super details, but I think if you give these few tips a try it will help you with the spear throw at your next race. I know there are many ways to do it and I would love to hear comments below.

Also please don’t pick apart the video etc…. again just basic tips to give you some ideas and change the way you might have been doing it. In the end practice and repetition is going to be the key to passing the Spartan spear throw obstacle!

Take Aways:

  1. Turn throw it like a football or baseball…. don’t turn your wrist
  2. Turn your wrist to the outside of your body.
  3. Balance the spear
  4. Focus on ONE spot to throw. Not the whole bail of hay… one central spot..
  5. Take a breath… do a few practice movements… and let it rip


Bucket Brigade Tips


bucket-brigade-tristate-ultra-beast-2016First off I know you love that professional image to the right! Ha I thought I took a better one of the bucket brigade are at MT Creek, but  obviously not!

Anyways you know what the bucket brigade is because you are here looking for tips, but if you don’t basically you carry a 5 gallon bucket full of rocks up and down a hill!

  • You cannot carry it on your shoulder.
  • If you spill rocks you need to put them back in the bucket.
  • You can set the bucket down take breaks etc….
  • There is no burpee penalty for this obstacle you have to finish it!

With that said, I normally do OK with this obstacle, but not sure what was different this last time, but it killed me. Seemed to really be tough for a lot of others as well.

Here are some tips I have picked up along the way that make it a bit easier, but in the end you really have to practice and see what kind of grips/strategies work for you. I have really long arms so I can hold it a lot different than some!

  • Unless you are totally losing your grip never put the bucket down. Just think about how bad it will suck picking it back up!
    • Instead… do this lunge trick. What I like to do is almost get in a lunge position and hold the bucket on my one leg. Give a 10 second rest then start up again. I just do that until I make it. BONUS TIP! On the downhill part you can do the same thing just make sure you turn around and face up hill doing it.

That is really it! Again best way to get better is to get a bucket and fill it with rocks and carry it around. Your neighbors will think you are completely sane!! 😉

Video coming soon!