Registrations for the 3rd Annual Nolichucky Triple Threat now open

The 3rd Nolichucky Triple Threat race will take place in August and the registrations are now open!

The 2017 Triple threat will start in Erwin at 4 PM on Saturday, Aug 26 at the USA Raft where the racers will enter through the Nolichucky River.

The race will begin with participants taking on their choice of watercraft with either a raft, bellyak or kayak. They will then travel down the river at least 1.5 miles before exiting the river and entering the obstacle course which will be a timed section of the race.

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Thousands of people are expected to take part at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds OCR


cargo-netThrill seekers in the thousands are expected to head over to the Rugged Maniac Race which is scheduled to happen on July 15 at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds.

Competitors will be expected to run five kilometers with at least 25 obstacles to cross. These obstacles will challenge their ability to climb, traverse, crawl, leap, jump, slide and tackle stuff on the way.

A 50 feet water slide will also be placed for the racers to beat on their way to the finish while crossing barbed wire and jumping over fire.

This will be the third edition of the Rugged Maniac Race which happens annually across North America throughout the year. People will also be able to enjoy a day long festival which will have dance areas, adult bounce house and mechanical bulls to ride.

Rugged Maniac is an excellent OCR for people who do not want to go through insanely difficult races like Tough Mudder and Spartan Race. Rugged Maniac promises to never punish their racers or put them through harm. This means that you can go out and have a bunch of fun with your friends.

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SwimJitsu is coming back to Edwardsville


swimjitsuThe popular Swimjitsu event is returning to the Chuck Fruit Aquatic Center in Edwardsville. The event was originally introduced by USA swimming a couple of years ago. It will now be taking place in Edwardsville on August 12 and 13.

The event will start every day at 9 AM and will be two hours in length. It will have several waves of 2-hour length races starting at 9 AM and finishing at 7 PM.

Swimjitsu is popularly known for being a 10 part obstacle course that tests the wisdom, agility, and speed of its competitors. Unlike other races which are done out in the fields, SwimJitsu takes place in water.

Participants start with a quick swim where they have to cross a bridge and a jump. From there on there are various other obstacles in place.

Registrations are currently open and children from age 8-19 and over can apply. Every age group has their own window of racing.

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New Prague 3rd Largest Aquatic Facility Brings OCR in Minnesota


swimming-ocrA brand new aquatic center has just opened its doors in New Prague. This new facility is not an average pool because it has a number of different things everyone can enjoy.

People from town can enjoy a lazy river like feeling, 15-foot high climbing walls and even an obstacle course designed for kids and adults alike with fun in mind!

There will also be a swim club that will have many different programs at the facility offered by ranked USA swimmer. Former USA Swimmer Sarah Lefevre will be part of the facility and coaching classes. She dubbed this new facility as one of the best, having everything you could ever imagine.

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Monster Obstacle and mud race is coming to Devon for the very first time

monster obstacle and mud race is heading to Devon for the very first time

A monster obstacle and mud race are headed to Devon for the very first time ever and it is being held next year. Here is what you need to know about the race.

The race will be held at the Escot Park in Exeter in 2018. According to the people organizing it, there it will be unlike anything you have ever experienced in your life, especially in the South West.

The race will take place on March 17, 2018, and will have obstacles in every event of it whether the contestants choose 5k or 10k runs. The number of obstacles within the race is still being kept secret but you can easily expect them to be around 25 obstacles per race.

You will also have the opportunity to enter the race as a team or as an individual but the race organizers claim that it is much more fun to enter as a team.

You can expect to see obstacles like climbing, water, carrying, leaps, stepping stones, great wall, bogs of stench and more.

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You can still enter the fisherman’s friend strongman run

You can still enter the Fisherman’s Friend Strongman obstacle run

Although the registrations for the upcoming Fisherman’s Friend Strongman obstacle run in Paarl has officially been closed down, you can still get a special entry into the race if you are a regular reader of People’s Post or any of its sister publications.

You’ll get a special extension on the early bird entry for the race which is being deemed as the biggest fun, mass-start obstacle race in the world.

Avid readers can enter the race which is scheduled to be held in October starting today until 21st of July.

The owner of the race has made sure that everyone gets a chance to get into the race and if you are interested too, hurry up and get into it now!

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