Always Wanted To Try The Warped Wall

I have always been a fan of American Ninja Warrior and as soon as I saw the warped wall I wanted to give it a try. Tough thing is where the heck do you find one of those??? Lucky for me the local gym I go to has one! They are also the first gym listed in our new GYM directory so check them out here http://obstacleracingstuff.com/gym-directory/legacy-athletic-club-cedar-knolls-nj/

You can see there is a hole cut that is a bit lower which helps you get your bearings. I am tall so I have an advantage, but you definable want to do a few slow practice runs to get the hang of it. Then once you feel ready you have to COMMIT to get the top. Once you grab it you realize it is a lot easier than it looks!

Have you tried one?



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