Kids Spartan Race

kids-spartan-race-ifoThe popular Spartan Race isn’t just for adults, the race also has specific courses designed for kids. The Spartan Kids Race is one of the best ways to get your kids off their couch and put them on their way to living a healthy lifestyle as they grow. The Spartan Kids Race follows the same principles of the adults Spartan Race and encourages children to push to their limits.

The Spartan Kids Race is available in four formats that are designed in such a way that every age group of children can take part in it and challenge their limits while having the ultimate time of life.

The Kids format of the Spartan Race has four formats:

Junior Race

  • Distance – 0.8 KM
  • Recommended Age – 4-8 years
  • Heat times – 11 am & 2 pm
  • Parents can run with their children
  • The course is mostly visible from the very start to finish.
  • The race lasts about 15 – 20 minutes on average

Junior Race (1.5KM+)

  • Distance – 1.5 KM
  • Recommended age – 9-13 years
  • Heat times – 1 PM
  • Parents cannot run with their children on the course
  • The course is not visible from the start to finish
  • The race lasts about 20 -25 minutes depending on the child’s athletic abilities

Junior Race (3.2KM+)

  • Distance – 3.2 KM
  • Recommended age – 11-14 years
  • Heat times – 9 AM & 12 PM
  • Parents are not allowed to run with children on the course
  • Finishers are awarded a 2-mile finisher medal
  • Most of the course is not visible from the start
  • The race lasts about 45-55 minutes depending on the venue and ability
  • The total distance is based on 2 laps with a 1-mile course with an addition of extended course that has more difficult obstacles to cross.

The Aim of Spartan Kids Race

The Spartan Kids Race is specifically designed for children to give them a childlike sense of adventuring that we have lost in this time and age to technology. It is a perfect way to bring your kids out of their normal life to organized activities that ignite the sense of adventuring in children before they completely lose interest in it. Today, an average child spends 7.5 hours daily on various media forms such as smartphones, video games, TV, movies and other activities that keep them away from the field.

Without physical activity as a crucial part of your child’s upbringing, they suffer from problems such as obesity and other health problems that develop over time as they age. Spartan Kids Race is a fun way to bring back physical activity in their lives that help control their weight, put on lean muscle mass and even strengthen their bones, joints, and muscles. The way the race is designed, kids are put through challenge enough that brings them up to be fitter, healthier and stronger over time.

Children avoid physical activities these days because most of them feel like it’s a chore in their life. Spartan Kids Race was designed in such a way that a child not only takes part in physical activities that improve their health but also give them plenty to have fun with.

Spartan Kids Race Obstacles

Spartan Race is incomplete without obstacles. The same is true for the Spartan Kids Race. The junior race has a number of different obstacles which are essentially miniature versions of some of the obstacles placed in the Adults race. These include mud and water.

The Spartan Kids Race encourages children to run, walk, climb, crawl and balance through their way to the finish line. The obstacles are designed in such a way that it encourages your child to take part in teamwork as well as push their own personal limits.

All you need to know about Spartan Kids Race

There are certain rules and regulation that every parent and child must follow to take part in the Spartan Kids Race. These rules are listed below:

  • Every child and their parents must possess a signed waiver to enter the venue where the race is taking place
  • Parents are instructed to arrive 90 minutes before their child’s race is about to begin
  • Every family receives 2 free spectator passes when they sign up their child for a race.
  • The spectator pass is also valid for adult race, kids race and the festival area
  • One signup means one race. If your child wishes to run another race, you must sign them up for the second race with full registration price


Spartan Time Trials


spartan-race-time-trials-2017-tuxedo-nySo…. Spartan Time trials! What is it? How does it work?

OH…. videos & pics way below….

You can CLICK HERE and read about it on Spartan which pretty much explains it.

I posted my review and videos of the Men & Women’s Finals below. Pretty awesome!

Overview of the Time Trial Race


So basically it was a .6 mile run with 9 obstacles.

Top 15 Men & Top 15 Women will compete in a separate heat

It was really cool! Really fast… in fact the top time was 5:39 by Matthew Kempson!

There was not much room for error. There was just a 10 burpee penalty or a sand bag carry.

I was hoping to place a little bit better, but I ended up finishing 11:34 and 43rd out of 95 for men.

What killed me was missing the bell on Mt Olympus by a hair!! I jumped a little early like I normally do, but missed. So it was 10 burpees then up the hill to the wall.

The rig I got to the last ring and was dead hanging lol! That was an exhausting 30 seconds of trying to get momentum! Energy draining to say the least, then onto the bucket carry, the inverted wall, then to the twister where I left some skin on the course, but I made it! I was in Heat 15 and was literally the last person to come down, so it felt good to have people cheering me on at the TWISTER! No way I was gonna fail that!

It was run well and was realy fun! Got to meet a bunch of new people and of course learn a few things.

Race Winners:


  1. Matthew Kempson
  2. Tyler A McCredie
  3. Matthew A Carroll


  1. Cassidy A Watton
  2. Alex Sawicki
  3. Jordyn A Reagan

Pics & Videos Below:

Spartan Race Time Trial Videos Tuxedo NY 2017

Women’s Final Part 1:

Women’s Final Part 2:

Women’s Final Part 3:

Men’s Part 1:

Women’s Podium:

Group Podium:

I was able to get the full women’s final, but for some reason… “I am an idiot” as I was recording the mens final at the Twister, my phone was not recording! So man because it was a pretty awesome finish!! Sorry guys!

There was also the open house that allows you to walk the course and practice obstacles. If you ever get a chance to do that you definitely should!


That is really awesome because, lets face it…. it is tough to practice certain obstacles because where else are you gonna find them!

And… the OPEN HOUSE is free which is pretty sweet and the time trial is like $49

spartan-swagGot a nice little swag bag from the open house as well. The water bottle is pretty sweet!







Tuxedo NY Spartan Sprint June 3, 2017


Tuxedo-Ny-Spartan-Sprint-2017-MapWell another race weekend has come and gone! It was awesome. Got to run the elite heat at 7:30AM and then the open at 11:45AM with my wife!

I ran into a few people I met via FB groups and picked up a few new friends on the trails. It is always great to meet new people on the trail! Breathing hard…. wanting to stop at times, but then conversation with a random person starts up and bamm you are back in the swing of things.  Crazy to think of how many people I have met over the years at races and still keep in touch with!

It was also a pleasure to run with my wife again. We did the same thing last year. I know the course was a bit shorter, but we both improved our times and I know she felt better prepared for it!

Lots of Pictures & Videos of the race below…. maybe I caught you on some of them? If so let me know with a comment below.

My Results:

I finished the Elite Heat in 1:15:36 and the Open in 2:32:14 as you can see below. I told myself going into this I wanted to finish top 5 in my age group “35-39”, but that didn’t happen! I think there are a few reasons why and I’ll list that below in my Takeaways from the race.


Wall-climbMy Takeaways:

I don’t know about you, but every race I always feel like there was more that I could have done. I know I am never going to win a race, that is just the truth of it, but I want to always be learning and getting better which I think I do most of the time. In the end it is all about getting out there and having fun right? I love doing these races and will continue until I can’t.

Obstacles: My first round I passed everything except the TWISTER! I think I made it to about the 4th handle and dropped…. BUT on the 2nd heat with my wife I nailed it! I was actually surprised. That was the 4th time total I attempted the twister and I had always tried to keep my arms bent. This time I just had my arms extend and just went side to side and it was surprising easier! GRRRR….. I did miss the SPEAR on the 2nd heat… of course trying to show my wife how to do it 😉

It really is crazy the difference in the two heats. Pacing with my wife I felt like I could constantly blast up the mountain where running myself I was hurting pretty bad LOL.

WARMING UP: I am a bigger guy…. 6’3″ 225ish and in most races it usually takes a good 20-30 minutes into the race to really feel loose. The first run up the mountain is always bad for me! I start thinking… why am I doing this… why are my legs so tired already… why didn’t I WARMUP more!!!

I feel this year I am in the best shape for hills, but on Saturday I just needed more of a warm up!

I have read pros will warmup for 30-40 minutes. My goal is always to get a solid warmup in, but you know how it is… you get there… do your thing.. warm up a bit, but so excited to get started and by the time  you line up you end up standing for 10 minutes.

My next race at Palmerton I really want to put in a solid 30 minute warmup at least! I want to feel good going into the first mile, not waiting for my legs to wake up!

How about you… what does your warmup ritual consist of?

Venue: I thought the race was ran great! Volunteers were awesome as usual! The course was fast, quick and fun! They switched up the place where they had the Bucket Brigrade last year and I think that was a good idea because I saw a lot of people slipping on the giant slab of rock!

It was also a lot less dusty. Glad there was a bit of rain the day before. I remember running with my shirt over my face last year!

Spartan-Twister-Tuxedo-NY-2017Some Other TIPS:

Sometimes during a race you forget the basics. Running with my wife helps me remember a lot because this was only her second time and I needed to help her out with basic tips as we went along.

Some parts of the course were really technical! Very rocky… not to mention there was a lot of leaves still covering the rocks. I saw a lot of people turning ankles and slipping.

  • When the course gets like that especially in the open when it is crowded you have to give yourself some space in front of you because you cannot see what is coming up next. If you are right on somebodies heels you are gonna get hurt!
  • Plate Drag: This goes for the plate drag anywhere, but especially if it is rockier you gotta really look at which plate you choose. I saw a few that the path was so rocky and the plate got stuck so many times. People could not even budge it… they would have to run to the plate get it loose etc… No thanks! Another tip is if you can try and stand up to get a little lift on the front of the plate, so it does not dig into the dirt or rocks. Being tall helps with that 😉
  • Walls, hurdles, cargo etc….. anything where you have to climb over it you need to make sure when you are going over you put your chest to the top of it. I saw a lot of people in the open get to top then have no clue how to transition… “what do I do…. what do I do…” put that chest to the top of the wall, hurdle etc… and lower your center of gravity, then transition down.

Well I know there are more, just wanted to toss out a few, but be sure to check out the Obstacle Tips section as we add more.

Here are some pictures & videos I took from the race below. If you hear a crazy lady screaming things at me… that is my wife 😉 I took some pics and videos with my phone before the race and during the heat with my wife I used my old school Kodak 1080P Playsport camera. It held  up great and took a pretty nice video. Sound got lower towards the end… maybe mud in the mic lol. Anyways enjoy and maybe I caught a shot of you somewhere in there! Let me know if I did!


Tuxedo NY Spartan Sprint 2017 Videos

Some Pictures







Spartan Beast Killington Vermont 2016


killington-beast-2016Well that was the hardest race I have ever done for sure!!


I wanted to put up a post while the race was fresh in my head and get all the info on the course from my Garmin Forerunner 920XT which I still need to do a review on. Anyways…. scroll down to see the satellite and terrain maps of the course and as always feel free to leave any comments below. Would love to hear what you thought about the race and how you did!

In the end the course took me 6 hours 32 minutes, & 49 seconds to complete! YIKES!! During a lot of the race I was really disappointed with myself just for the fact that I thought I had really prepared for this race and I was taking more breaks than ever before. I had already done the Tri State Beast in April, 2 sprints in Tuxedo NY in June, and the Super in Palmerton in July. Overall the races were always tough, but I felt like the hills were getting easier and I was recovering better. I had really been rocking out some Yancy Camp Workouts as well. TOO BAD!! The Vermont BEAST had other plans for me lol!

I talked to a lot of people who said how tough Killington was, but I guess you never really know until you try it. So back to being disappointed. I guess what I really mean is…. it was tough and I wish I had just done a bit more to be ready. Nobody should be disappointed if they finished this race no matter how long it took. I know there were a lot of people that DNF “did not finish” especially in the ULTRA. So again don’t be disappointed even if you attempted it!

In the end I felt good about where I placed in the competitive heat.


Rope Hang Attachment I Made


I failed 3 obstacles

  • Tarzan Swing
    • I wanted this one really bad! Got up the ladder, felt strong when I was hanging from the rope, but my grip just slipped and splash I went. Doing burpees in the uneven mud was not fun 😉
    • 0 for 1 with this one! Next year!
  • Spear Throw
    • I don’t even want to talk about it! I love the spear throw! I practice it in my yard as you can see from this video I definitely rushed this one. Just like any obstacle I should have took a bit more time to find the best spot to do it. It was on a bit of a hill, I didn’t set myself and I just sliced the side! Not a good time for burpees considering it was right at the end of the race and right before…. log carry, inverted wall, atlas carry, and the rig! Yeah all pretty close together!
    • Still 8 for 10 in the spear throw overall!
  • The RIG
    • Another one I wanted really badly! Again just didn’t get a good grip and slipped. That was it! Even made some rope hangers to practice on which you can see to the right!>>
    • 1 for 5.. time to figure this one out!

All the other obstacles I did well on! The ZWALL was always a struggle for me, but I have passed them the last few races. The rope traverse always shreds my ankles because I refuse to learn proper technique! LOL! Instead I just drag my ankle along the line. This year I actually had socks that were higher and I put a few strips of athletic fabric tape where I had sliced up my ankle and it worked! Just a tiny bit of rope burn. Probably time to start learning proper technique huh?

All the carries were tough… the bucket brigade, the log carry, and the sand bag carry! Took a lot of breaks, but I never ever put the bucket, log, or sand bag down. I see so many people do that and it takes so much energy to pick them back up. I like to sort of lunge uphill and rest whatever it is on my leg.

The Course Itself?

It was relentless! The incline grade on these slopes were insane. On the wood/trail sections you were going up, up and up, but there were sections that you were literally climbing and just when you thought you were close to the end you pretty much did a 4,000 foot climb right up to the peak. If you look on the map below it was the Cascade and Flume section. I think that was the most I have ever seen people taking breaks myself included!

Why I Love It?

In the end there were so many times not only in this race, but others where I would say jeez this is not fair or this is ridiculous! Why would you make a course like this! Another hill! This is stupid! LOL I guess that is the point though right? If it were easy everyone would do it! That is what I love about the Spartan Race. It pushes you the whole time!

Memory Test? Do You Remember Yours?

  • VICTOR 171-8838
  • Too bad they didn’t even ask for it!! hahahaha well played… well played.
  • There was no way I was doing burpees for that so I stared at it and repeated it over and over again!!

Future Preparation?

  • I have a nordictrack incline trainer that goes to 40% so you would think I would have been ready! Well your tools are only good if you use them and use them the right way. I have to up my game for sure on that.
  • I really need to look over all the training I did this past few months and just go over what was working well for me and when I was feeling good and what banged me up.
  • Also I think a huge thing for me is TAPERING the correct way. I do it all the time where I do a pretty intense run/workout a week before and I just don’t feel fresh. I have read a lot of things on tapering and a big part of that is of course knowing your body!

With that said I am doing the Super Spartan at Mt Creek in Vernon NJ on October 22. I feel like anything after Killington is going to be a lot easier and I have done most of my Spartan races at Mt Creek I am on a mission! I am going to race the competitive heat. I want to finish in the top 30 overall. I know it will be tough, but hey you gotta have goals! I have got just about 5 weeks before the race and have to figure out the training schedule since as I sit here typing this every inch of my body is sore from the BEAST! agh… wish me luck!

Check out the maps below…. leave a comment below. Would love to hear how you did!

Click On The Thumbnails For Bigger Images. There is a Road Map, Satellite Map, and Terrain Map that was pulled from Garmin Connect using my Forerunner 920XT

Panorama Shot





Tri State Spartan Beast Results 2016


Fit-Dad-Chris-Spartan-Beast-2016Well… the first race of the season is over and what an awesome race it was!! I finished the Tri-State Spartan Beast with a 4:45:58 time. I am definitely happy with that time, but of course it can always be better 😉 I’ll get into my time and placement a bit more below, but first a bit about the race!

Oh and if you did not know you can get the results from the official site here

Also this post is a work in progress… so stay tuned for more!

Quick Links:

Spartan Beast 12+ Pfft!!!

They always have the + in there lol! So just how long are Spartan Races & how many obstacles?

  • Sprint 3+ Miles & 20+ Obstacles
  • Super 8+ Miles & 24+ Obstacles
  • Beast 12+ Miles & 30+ Obstacles

Yeah so about that +… it could mean a few things, but usually it means they are tacking on a few miles. This year the Beast ended up being just about 15 miles! There was mile marker 14 on the map with some race left to go and my GPS watch clocked in at 14.67. Regardless few more than 12…. and I don’t even know how people were doing the ULTRA which is running it twice!!

Obstacles @Tri-State Spartan Beast

I only failed 2 this year and I was mad about that! The Z-Wall & the Multi Rig!! It can be really tough to do these if you have never done them before so below are some tips that I have learned to help you out! Also I am trying to remember some of the Tri-State-Spartan-Beast-Course-Map-2016“Classified” obstacles, but I am drawing a blank so if you remember some leave a comment below! I also probably have some of the “classified” obstacles in the wrong position because I am remembering them as I go.

Also this is my 6th Spartan race. Not a pro lol by any means, but definitely have picked up some good tips along the way.

  • Hurdles – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Over Walls – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Classified – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • 6′ Wall – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Log Carry – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Classified – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Multi Rig – Details & Tips BelowFAILED!
  • Rope Climb – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Classified – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Farmers Carry – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Ball Shrinker – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Tyrolean – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Classified – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Z-Walls – Details & Tips BelowFAILED!
  • 8′ Wall – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • 7′ Wall – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Classified – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Slip Wall – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Classified – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Classified – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • O-U-T – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Classified – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Inverted Wall – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Classified – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Spartan Sled – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Classified – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Classified – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Classified – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Monkey Bars – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Herc Hoist – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • A-Frame Cargo – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Dunk Wall – Details & Tips Belowpassed
  • Fire Jump – Details & Tips Belowpassed

Obstacle Details & Tips


  • This was basically a “hurdle” – Looked like a few 2×4’s glue together! Ha reading last years review of the race same thing basically happened. This year I was trying not to kick anyone as I flopped over and fell off the thing. Almost finished before I started!!
    • #1 Tip: Wait an extra few seconds to make sure its clear and you want tangle up with anyone.

Over Walls

  • Smaller walls to hop, straddle over.. prob about 3-4ft high?
    • #1 Tip: Play it safe, don’t fly over it.

Classified “Barbed Wire Crawl”

  • Crawl under barbed wire. I have to say the barbed wire def looked hire than usual which is fine by me. I see a lot of people roll which is definitely the fastest, but I dunno I just can’t do it for more than a few feet and I am spinning!
    • #1 Tip: If you have knee protection go nuts crawling. If not you might want to take it easy and go slow unless you don’t care about shredding your knees. I do a combo of some rolls, some dive bombers, army crawl,. and this time around I actually went feet first for some parts which was a nice relief.

6′ Wall

  • Just that.. a 6′ wall you need to get over. In elite and competitive heats you must get over by yourself. I believe there is a 2×4 that woman can use to get a boost, but not 100% sure
    • #1 Tip: I always just to muscle my way up! I can usually do it, but it comes with a price. Huge expenditure of energy and I get banged up! By accident I basically did this…. watch at the 30 second mark. The 6′ & 7′ walls I had no problem, but the 8′ wall is where it got tough. I tried with all my might to muscle up and I was at that point of having nothing left still trying. Some how I went at it again and my leg somehow swung up like in that video and bamm I was over it! Looks like I am following that technique going forward 😉

Log Carry

  • Pick up a log, carry it up the hill, carry it down the hill!
    • #1 Tip: Look out for other people dropping their logs and rolling down. Seriously! Last year I swear I had the heaviest log ever! It was totally water logged lol. This year I was strategic, I saw a smaller guy putting back and log that was not as thick, but a little longer. It was the perfect fit! Be strategic, work smarter, not harder!

Classified “Bucket Brigade:

  • Oh man this is always a tough one! You are going to burn up that grip strength and your quads!! You get a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with gravel… just about to the top. You then have to carry it up the mountain and down the mountain. This year it seemed longer and was def tough. I have some good tips though that have helped me get through this.
    • #1 Tip: I saw a lot of people putting the bucket down or stopping and just holding it. It takes a lot of energy to get the bucket back up or just stand there holding it. What I like to do is almost get in a lunge position and hold the bucket on my one leg. Give a 10 second rest then start up again. I just do that until I make it. BONUS TIP! On the downhill part you can do the same thing just make sure you turn around and face up hill doing it.

Multi Rig

  • Long bar to some rings, to some knotted rope to the bell! So mad I failed this one
    • #1 Tip: Get a good swing going and keep those arms bent at 90 degrees if you can. If you let your arms fully extend you are screwed. If you have never done this before watch how others do it then go for it!

Rope Climb

  • Good old fashion rope climb. This was the first time I have seen that there was only 1 rope type and it was not above water. So there was NO knotted rope, only a straight rope and it was probably half the thickness of a regular climbing rope which makes it tougher. I was glad I had been practicing some rope climbing techniques.
    • #1 Tip: All I can say is learn the wrap technique and rope climbing will be a peace of cake! Here is a video that lays it out for you

Classified “Plate Drag”

  • Almost like a small wheelbarrow with a sandbag in it attached to a rope. You need to sit and pull it towards you. Sounds easy enough!
    • #1 Tip: Same principal as the herc hoist… pull with 2 hands. Also before you choose one to pull make sure the edge has not dug into the dirt. I saw this happening all over, as you pull the front edge was getting stuck making it twice as hard to pull. Try to pull up on it…

Farmers Carry

  • Big logs with chains attached. Go down and bag with the logs.
    • #1 Tip: All you can do is really train by doing some farmer walks with dumbbells at home so you have the grip and leg strength. Bend at the knees, bring them up and walk! If you feel like your knees might buckle drop em and start again. Don’t injure yourself.

Classified “Barbed Wire Crawl”

  • Crawl under barbed wire. I have to say the barbed wire def looked hire than usual which is fine by me. I see a lot of people roll which is definitely the fastest, but I dunno I just can’t do it for more than a few feet and I am spinning!
    • #1 Tip: If you have knee protection go nuts crawling. If not you might want to take it easy and go slow unless you don’t care about shredding your knees. I do a combo of some rolls, some dive bombers, army crawl,. and this time around I actually went feet first for some parts which was a nice relief.

Ball Shrinker

  • Although this happened when I was married oh so many years ago… 😉 I can only imagine they are taking about walking through the water waste deep, and yes I can recall saying “I cannot feel my balls” as I got out! LOL
    • #1 Tip: I know you want to get out as fast as you can, but there are rocks and holes and all sorts of stuff you can’t see. You gotta take it slow or risk turning an ankle!


  • Shimmy across a rope to ring the bell. Well I passed this, but I FAILED… You can click here to see my original burns from my first Super Spartan. You can see my new damage here & here. I should learn some technique to this one, but it is one of those obstacles that can be tough to learn if they only time you try is during the race.
    • #1 Tip: Learn proper technique or wear longer socks and just slide your way to the bell!

Classified “Sand Bag Carry”

  • Pick up a sandbag and carry it up a hill, the side of a hill, and down a hill
    • #1 Tip: All I can say is practice lifting some heavy stuff up on your shoulder and walk around with it. I did a lot of lunges with an empty keg overhead and had a 50lb salt bad that I would toss on my shoulders and go up and down my driveway with. Be sure to practice putting it on both shoulders. I see people holding it and to me it just seems like a waste of energy.


  • Small 2×4 blocks on a wall you need to get across and the wall is like a Z. I was mad because I even built one in my garage!! My grip was solid, but somehow after I turned the first corner, my foot just slipped!
    • #1 Tip: Always have 3 points of contact. Work on grip strength and figure out what your stronger/dominant side is. I realized I need to lead with my right side 😉

8′ Wall

  • Refer to 6′ wall above

7′ Wall

  • Refer to 6′ wall above

Classified “Rolling Mud”

  • Few hills up mud… down the hill into muddy water, up the hill, down the hill etc…
    • #1 Tip:Go down slow… you never know what is in that water…meaning a rock or a nice hole etc… My first Spartan race my buddy broke his ankle jumping into the water and landing on a rock. I am always cautious!

Slip Wall

  • Slippery wall after running through some mud pits. You have to grab the rope to pull yourself up and over.
    • #1 Tip: Try to lean back a bit into it and plant your feet and walk on up!


  • Still Trying To Remember
  • Classified
    • Still Trying To Remember


  • Over a small wall, under, and through
    • #1 Tip: Don’t dive through the wall LOL!! I have seen that end badly!

Classified “Atlas Carry”

  • Carry a big round atlas stone “ball” about 30 feet, then do 5 burpees and carry it back. I have read that the atlas stone weighs 100lbs, but nobody every knows for sure. It does not say on the Spartan site and they like to be sneaky! It was definitely heavy, but as a bigger guy it is an easier one for me.
    • #1 Tip: You want to squat down, get a good grip and get up and walk that thing over slowly! Don’t drop on you toes. This is one of those obstacles where you need some solid grip strength for sure!

Inverted Wall

  • This is a wall that is inverted… tilted toward you!
    • #1 Tip: Just make sure to get a good grip and plant your feet well. Stay close to the wall.


  • Still Trying To Remember

Spartan Sled

  • Bar attached to something like a wheelbarrow without wheels by a rope. Pull it down and back
    • #1 Tip: I saw people trying to pull it like a horse, but for me it was just easier to grab the bar and pull it backwards.

Classified “Plastic Barrel Slide Over?”

  • Not even sure what to call it, but basically it is a few giant plastic tubes you have to jump/slide over
    • #1 Tip: Don’t assume it is easy. Make sure where you start is not covered in made because it gets pretty slippery since its rounded.

Classified “Cargo Rope Climb”

  • Climb up and over cargo rope. This is vertical, so when you get to the top you want to be careful.
    • #1 Tip: At the top try to lay your stomach down as you flip to the next side. Makes it a bit safer and easier if you have never done it before… and watch where you put your feet.

Classified “Spear Throw”

  • I love the spear throw… I am 5 for 6 with it. There had to be just about a mile and half left when this obstacle came up. I nailed it and got my adrenaline pumped up! I flew down the course to the monkey bars and was passing a lot of people! Felt great! Everyone has a tip for this obstacle, but I think mine are pretty solid.
  • #1 Tip:
    1. Make sure that rope attached is in front of the fence
    2. Spit on your hands, rub them together… “helps grip the spear”
    3. Try to get in balanced in your hand with just a slight more weight on the back end…
    4. Don’t try to throw it like a baseball or hold it like a dart
    5. You almost want to throw it as if your were turning your hand with your thumb going down versus your thumb going up like when you throw a baseball. All I can say is try it out.. it works!

Monkey Bars

  • You know what they are. These are a bit staggered some higher and lower and farther apart.
    • #1 Tip: Always make sure you are arms are close to 90 degrees. Depending on how strong you are if you let your arms fully extend you might not make it, unless you have a good swing going…

Herc Hoist

  • Roped tied to a sandbag… I have read it is 100lb 0 135lb for men and 75lb for woman. If you are light this could be a tough one for you. I thought you had to do this from the seated position, but I am not 100% either way I did it sitting down lol
    • #1 Tip: If you are allowed to stand up which I saw a lot of people doing, then the best way is to reach high with both hands and pull down taking advantage of your body weight. Never tried to pull down with one hand… reach high with one then the other and pull down with both, then start again.

A-Frame Cargo Net

  • Cargo net to climb up and over.
    • #1 Tip: Go slow and watch your foot placement.

Dunk Wall

  • You have to go completely under water and out the other side. They must have been filling it with ice because that water was cold!
    • #1 Tip: Close your eyes and get under it!

Fire Jump

  • Jump over the fire to the finish line & get your Fit-Aid workout drink from the overly obniquous dude giving them out LOL!!
    • #1 Tip: Jump over the fire not in it… also try to see where the camera is and do something cool for the picture. This time around I don’t think I did!


MY GPS Watch Map

My big Christmas present was this sweet Garmin Forerunner 920XT! It is a great watch. It is not too big or bulky like some I have seen and I wear it a lot. Counts steps during the day, will vibrate and tell you to MOVE if you have been sitting too long. Ties into myfitnesspal all sorts of stuff! I was hesitant to wear it to the race for a few reasons.

  1. I could hurt myself lol. I know sounds funny, but I’ve done it before. If you wear the watch with it facing up and you try to go over a wall or something where you are bending your wrist, that part is going to dig into your wrist. Been there done that! So I wore it so the watch face was facing down.
  2. I didn’t want to break it or damage it. It is a cool watch and I like to wear it around. If you have every worn a watch to any obstacle race, you know that thing is getting banged up and full of stuff and no matter what you do it is not getting 100% clean! lol. Well I wore it, it got banged up, scratched up, mudded up etc…., but it was well worth it because I was able to get a sweet map of the course below!

Click On Image Below For Bigger Picture



MY GPS Watch Map

My big Christmas present was this sweet Garmin Forerunner 920XT! It is a great watch. It is not too big or bulky like some I have seen and I wear it a lot. Counts steps during the day, will vibrate and tell you to MOVE if you have been sitting too long. Ties into myfitnesspal all sorts of stuff! I was hesitant to wear it to the race for a few reasons.

  1. I could hurt myself lol. I know sounds funny, but I’ve done it before. If you wear the watch with it facing up and you try to go over a wall or something where you are bending your wrist, that part is going to dig into your wrist. Been there done that! So I wore it so the watch face was facing down.
  2. I didn’t want to break it or damage it. It is a cool watch and I like to wear it around. If you have every worn a watch to any obstacle race, you know that thing is getting banged up and full of stuff and no matter what you do it is not getting 100% clean! lol. Well I wore it, it got banged up, scratched up, mudded up etc…., but it was well worth it because I was able to get a sweet map of the course below!

Click On Image Below For Bigger Picture


Tri-State Spartan Beast Results 2015

tri-state-spartan-beast-2015-resultsWow! What a race! I wanted to try and post this while it was still fresh in my head… so if some info is missing I will be adding it next week!

So if you are looking for overall Spartan Beast results then just CLICK THIS BIG LINK RIGHT HERE!!

I finished 4:21:53 which I was pretty happy with considering I thought I was going to be somewhere around 5 1/2-6 hours.

Lots of cramping “which I will get into more” & “I failed 3 obstacles which I will go into more detail most likely next week“. I just want to put out some quick info on the obstacles that were there and how I did and even add some tips I have been coming up with along the way.

Here is how I will break down this post; “click on link below to go that section

  1. The Obstacles & Tips
  2. My Gear & Nutrition “Lots of new goodies!”
  3. What I would have done differently
  4. Tips for beginners of obstacle racing
  5. Pictures from the course! Spartan Beast Pictures!

Tri-State Spartan Beast 2015 Obstacles

  • Again I will add more info next week when I can function lol…”I am remember some of the CLASSIFIEDS, but still cloudy! They will come to me.
  1. Over Walls .3 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  2. Hurdles .5 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  3. Rolling Snow 1.0 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  4. Classified – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  5. Log Hop 1.9 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  6. O-U-T 2.2 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  7. Multi Bars 2.8 Miles – Click For Details & Tips
  8. CLASSIFIED – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  9. Spearthrow 3.4 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  10. Clif Monkey Bars 3.7 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  11. Z-Walls 4.0 Miles – Click For Details & Tips
  12. Hay Wall 4.7 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  13. Bucket Brigade 4.8 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  14. Plate Drag 5.1 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  15. CLASSIFIED – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  16. 7Ft Wall 6.2 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  17. Barb Wire Crawl #1 6.5 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  18. Rolling Mud 6.6 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  19. CLASSIFIED – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  20. Sandbag Carry 7.8 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  21. Memory Test 8.7 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  22. Inverted Wall 9.0 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  23. Tyrolean Travers 9.1 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  24. A-Frame Cargo 9.6 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  25. CLASSIFIED – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  26. 8 Ft Wall 10.7 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  27. Rope Climb 10.8 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  28. Dunk/Slip Wall 10.9 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  29. Barb Wire Crawl #2 11.1 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  30. CLASSIFIED – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small
  31. Rope Swing 12.3 Miles – Click For Details & Tips
  32. Fire Jump Pit 12.4 Miles – Click For Details & Tips pass-stamp-small

Over Walls


  • Typical basic walls, but it is the first obstacle and you might be still tight so play it safe!


  • This was basically a “hurdle” – Looked like a few 2×4’s glue together! Remember I said play it safe since it was still early? Well as I flopped over it I am not sure what I did, but I tweaked my lower back and the next 10 minutes were not so fun!… the race just started! “Make sure you do a REAL Warm Up! More on that in the “what I would do differently section!

Rolling Snow

  • Just what you think… rolling hills of snow! sounds easy enough, but slippery and your feet sink here and there. You have to use a lot more energy to stay stable and not slip. I was real cautious on the snow and made sure I had control whenever I ran through it. TIPS: Go slow and stay in control… use foot holds from other racers… look for dirt instead if you can.




Log Hop

  • Last year I failed this one and was on a mission to not fail!! This time they had the logs and what I think was a 2×4 turned sideways.
    TIPS:Usually your best bet is to hop on one and just move quick and let momentum take you through. With the 2×4 part I was slow the first few and really wanted to get my balance. As soon as I got off the 2×4 and back onto the logs and went real quick to finish. If you can just take a few tries stepping up on the first log just to get your bearings and balance then attack!



  • Over Under Through. Over a wall, under a wall through a wall. Pretty basic, but again you can pull a muscle any time.
    TIPS:This might sound silly but when you climb over the first wall they are not very high. I have seen this many times and done it ONCE. People will hop over and put the instep of their foot on the wall. You need to be careful. It is very slipper and like I said I have seen it and done it once where you foot slides out and your groin is not very happy! Be cautious and go slow!


Multi Bars

  • Grrr… I was really mad about this one! Basically there is a long bar hanging with a chain at each end… you go across the bar, then there are about hmmm maybe 4 lengths of ropes with knots you swing across to get to another long hanging bar!
    • Well I made it to the final hanging rope and it was about 6 inches lower and I could just not reach the long bar!! FAIL
    • Next Time Tips: This goes for most obstacles you have never seen or done. Take 30 -60 seconds and watch how other people are succeeding or failing and copy the people succeeding lol. I should have grabbed the rope with two hands and pulled up, but by that time I was gassed so I fell… and then I did BURPEES!!!


  • Hercules Hoist – This one is always a bit deceiving. Since I was in the elite heat the ropes were actually dry. In the past they have always been wet and muddy which means you have to grip even harder! Basically there is a rope thrown up over one of the ski lift lines on a pully. It is attached to a sand bag… I believe 105lb for men and 75lb for women. You have to hoist it to the top and let it back down slowly.
    TIPS: You want to use your body weight for sure! Grab as high as you can with both hands and use your body weight and upper body to pull it down to the ground. Once you are on the ground be sure to reach up with one hand then get the other in line and pull with both arms, not just one. If you use both arms it is much easier. I see a lot of people trying to alternate with one arm and it just doesn’t work.


  • YES!! If you saw my awesome makeshift spear on Facebook then you know I have issues 😉 But… those issues save me from BURPEES!!! So I am now 3 for 4 in the spearthrow
    • TIPS: In the past I would always try to balance the spear with just a bit more weight in the back which is still true. I would try to toss it like a big dart which somewhat worked, but after messing around yesterday I figured a few things out. First: Yes balance the spear with a bit more weight in the back. Second:Don’t close your hand completely over the spear you want to hold it where your almost your thumb, pointer, and middle finger are wrapping it “don’t hold it like a dart!” Third: If you try to throw it like a baseball or football it will go sideways real fast “I am sure you have experienced this”. What I found since turning your wrist like a typical ball throw is natural you almost have to turn your wrist the opposite way as you are letting go. So really you want to hold your straight, but you can think up almost turning your thumb under your hand if that makes sense. I will try to make a video.


Clif Monkey Bars

  • Rocked em! I have to say my upper body strength was on point! My pull up game is way up. “Tips to increase pull ups?” –
    • TIPS: The key really is to keep your arms bent at 90 degrees. I am lucky in this because I am tall and have long arms. In the past I had just stretched my arms and made my way across. If I did not have long arms I would have failed. This year because I have really improved my pull up game, I was able to go arms bent 90 degrees the whole way and it was cake! Start doing those pull ups!



  • Grrr…. FAILED. This was a new one! Last year when the wall was straight I made it across for the first time. This time as soon as I got to the first bend I fell off.
    TIPS: With this your really need to watch and see what others are doing successfully. You can also practice before hand on the walls they usually have set up. Really just have to try it a few times

Hay Wall

  • This was really just a big bail of hay to roll over. It smelled like barn! I liked it.

Bucket Brigade

  • Oh man this is always a tough one! You are going to burn up that grip strength and your quads!! You get a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with gravel… just about to the top. You then have to carry it up the mountain and down the mountain. This year it seemed longer and was def tough. I have some good tips though that have helped me get through this.
    TIPS: I saw a lot of people putting the bucket down or stopping and just holding it. It takes a lot of energy to get the bucket back up or just stand there holding it. What I like to do is almost get in a lunge position and hold the bucket on my one leg. Give a 10 second rest then start up again. I just do that until I make it. BONUS TIP! On the downhill part you can do the same thing just make sure you turn around and face up hill doing it.

Plate Drag

  • This was a new one! Looked like the top of a wheel barrel with a sandbag in it. You pulled it to you with the rope then you had to drag it bag. Oh and it was in snow! Got pretty slippery trying to pull that thing back!!
    TIPS: Use 2 hands to pull rope and body weight as best you can!!




7Ft Wall

OW!! War Wounds LOL!
  • Well just as it says it is a 7ft wall you need to climb over! Pays to be tall here. Women get a board a few feet up to push off of, but not the men. You can get help if someone is around as well which I have done in the past. This time around I just pulled myself up! I jam my left arm up there and have some nice bruises to show! This is where being able to do a muscle up comes in handy. Again my improvement in pull ups helped with this!
    TIPS: These go for any wall…. You want to get a nice running start and a good jump as you grab and pull off. YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS… jam your calf in the wall to help. I have seen too many people do that and then hit the ground screaming in pain as they pulled a muscle. You really just have to pull yourself up and try to get your leg up on that wall to help you as soon as possible!


Barb Wire Crawl #1

  • Length of mud… some barb wire, now crawl under it! This is where it sucks to be bigger lol…. Also I was wearing my camelbak and decided to just keep it on. Not the best idea. Got caught a lot and force me to stay lower the whole time! And… yes it is real barbwire and it cuts and makes you bleed.
    TIPS: You can army crawl, you can do dive bombers, you can even roll. It all depends what feels best to you. I see a lot of people roll, but I just get dizzy lol. I like to just army crawl with some dive bomber combos. It can be pretty tough on your knees! Next time I am where something that goes below the knees I think.

Rolling Mud

  • Hills of rolling mud….
    TIP:Don’t slip!!!




Sandbag Carry

  • This year it seemed a lot longer, but not as hard as in the past. The sandbags did not feel as heavy either. Maybe I just so much stronger now 😉 I was walking next to a guy who had one eye! So hey if you are reading this great work man!!! Usually you are carrying the sandbag up and down the mountain, but this year it was all over trails and what not.
    TIPS:I see people carrying it on their heads… homie don’t play that lol. Just not comfortable to me. I like to alternate shoulders and try to keep some of the weight more towards my back. You can always carry it will both arms if you need a break from the shoulders. Just switch it up and make your way!


Memory Test

  • XRAY 100 – 8361… phew! No burpees for me! I have never done this one before. There is a big chart and you have to match the last digits of your bib number to a phrase and then memorize the phrase for a later obstacle. If you cannot repeat it correctly 30 burpees coming up! I actually starting to move on and went back to check and had the numbers switched up. Glad I checked.
    TIPS:However you best memorize do it! Associate it with something somehow. I just kept thinking about how bad it would suck to do burpees because I forget a few numbers. The hard part is you don’t know when it is coming.. a few people would mention whats your number and then you would go oh crud…. lol.

Inverted Wall

  • I remembered doing this at Tough Mudder and I really jumped into it hard and tweaked my shoulders. That was like 30 minutes into the race!! Basically this is a wall that is inverted, but at least there are 2x4s you can step on for leverage.
    TIPS:Watch video to the right, but take advantage of the 2×4’s and get a good hold with your hands and feet.


Tyrolean Traverse

From 2012 Super Spartan! Not This Time!!
  • I had a date with this one! I was determined to pass it! My first Super Spartan I tore up my ankles so bad on this one and then fell into the murky stinky creek! God only knows how many other peoples flesh and blood were all up in that rope lol!! This year I made it, thanks to compression socks lol! The idea is there is a rope going across and you have to shimmy across it and ring the bell in the middle. I saw people doing it on top which looked cool, but I was not trying that.
    TIPS:I had watched some videos on how to do this. Basically you are supposed to move with alternating leg/arm. So you reach with your right arm and move your left leg, then your left arm and right leg and so on and so on. Of course this is a tough one to practice. I got about 3 feet before I kept locking up my legs! Not as easy as it seems. I even had my legs let go and had to leg raise my feet back up! CORE WORK!!! Since I had the compression socks on I noticed I could slide and not destroy my ankles so that is how I made it.


A-Frame Cargo



  • Log Flip… I think??


8 Ft Wall

  • Same as 7ft wall just bigger 😉 Follow tips from that and try harder.

Rope Climb

  • Thank God for knots in the rope! hahaha… I am 2 for 2 with the rope climb. First time I had no clue and was so tired, the other time I had ran the Super Spartan jacked up on Day Quil and by the end I was done!! The last 2 times I was just more prepared and had more upper body strength, but in reality if you learn how to climb rope properly it is all form and using your legs. I still have yet to kick the bell with my foot! Some day. The rope climb is always at the end of the race right next to all the spectators, so it feels good to get some cheers and pumped up, but also intermediating to mess up, then have to do burpees in front of them!
    TIPS:If you have access to climb a rope then take advantage of it. The ropes at Spartan have the knots I would say every 3 or 4 feet so you can use your feet to push off, but it does take a bit of practice. For me at 6’3″ I really have to pull my legs up and grip the knots. By then your arms are pretty tired, so just hang on and use those legs. Hit the bell, then come down SLOWLY!! Trust me you do not want to just let go or slide fast down the rope. Stay slow and controlled and you will do great. One thing I did was grab a training rope and hung it over my pull up bar. I practice just sitting on the ground and climbing it with my hands. It gives you great grip strength and gets you stronger since you are only pulling up half your weight.

Dunk/Slip Wall


Barb Wire Crawl #2

  • Up hill…. snow covered? What could possibly go wrong?! As I made my way to the second barb wired crawl I took off my camelbak and made my way for the side where I saw that about half way up the snow cleared and turned to mud! Hindsight:should have stuck with the snow!! The barb wire was def hire so I could have left the camelbak on, but all good! The snow was cold of course, but a few minutes in you numb up and don’t feel much. That was the bad part when I hit the mud! Just grinding my knees into the mud and not feeling a thing. I knew I would not feel it the


  • Tunnel?

Rope Swing

  • GRRR…. I was really looking forward to swinging like Tarzan across this, but that didn’t happen! I remember looking at the rope and where the one knot was and thinking if I grab and pull my legs up I will be fine. I should have reached hire! As soon as I got to the middle I caught the water and that was it! 30 burpees a few 100 yards from the finish! I was so mad and one woman there was like be happy you made it etc… She was right, but I still wanted to pass that one! The good thing was that I found another piece to my camel back I had lost LOL!
    TIPS:Reach as high as you can, pull up your legs and go for it! Don’t have the rope between your legs either!

Fire Jump Pit

  • Jump over the logs and jump into the pit, then hit the finish line! Doesn’t get better than that!! Only thing better would be having someone waiting at the finish line I actually know 🙁
    TIPS:Don’t fall on the fire logs lol. Also… call me whatever you want, but I never jump into any water pits or anything I can’t see the bottom of. So be careful jumping into the pit.

My Gear & Nutrition “Lots of new goodies!”

  • Wow! So I am sure you all know if you have searched for…. what to eat the day of Spartan Race… what to eat during a Spartan Beast… after the race… do I need hydration… what gu gels do I need…. should I bring a bacon cheeseburger for protein… do I wear gloves, knee pads, shorts, pants… I think you get the point!! You will get a lot of different ideas from everyone you talk to. Sometimes you just have to go with it and learn from experience. I am learning a bit more each time.
  • GEAR: This year gear wise I was rocking some new stuff!
    Farewell to my Nike Pegasus 28’s. We have been through a lot together!
    • Sneakers:I grabbed a pair of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31. The last 3 years I wore the same pair lol of Nike Pegasus 28’s! I didn’t really train in them just ran races… I retired them this year. They had been through… 3 Super Spartans, 2 5k Rugged Maniacs, and 2 Tough Mudders, and one Sprint Triathlon!! Not bad! I decided to go with a newer pair and they really held up great. They have some good grip on the bottom, but after seeing what most people are wearing these days I may get a new pair of shoes made for obstacle racing… like these… click here I saw a lot of the inov8 brand and reebok! I can’t really say I had issues with my sneakers though. The big thing is I do a lot of my running on the pavement so the obstacle racing sneakers are not the best for that so its a give and take. All what you like etc…
    • Hydration Pack:I was going back and forth about getting one of these. Some people were saying yes, others were saying no, it will weigh you down, get stuck on barb wire etc…. then I said to myself. Who cares!! I am not going to win this race! I just want to survive LOL! Why on earth would I not carry a pack that gives me what I need. I mean if an extra 4lbs is going to slow me down and hold me up I am screwed anyway!! So I ended up getting the Camelbak Rogue Hydration Pack. I was looking for a slimmer one, but it was all that had at the sporting goods store. It ended up working out great! It had room for gu gels and then some. Even had granola bar tucked in there! Oh I even had a pair of thin work gloves smushed in there which of course I never used. It was nice to know I had stuff just in case. It holds 70 ounces of water, but I only filled it up a little more than half way with a mix… which I will get to soon. Of course towards the end I ran out of water lol and lost the yellow valve piece that hooks the mouth piece the strap and shuts the opening, BUT of course I found somebody elses towards the end of the race laying in the mud so problem solved! All in all a good experience. I also did one practice run the week before with it on to make sure it wasn’t going to chafe me or drive me nuts!
    • Compression Socks: Do they really work? What do they do? Well I was pretty skeptical about them too. If you do you research there is not that much evidence out there to the fact of what the companies all claim, but I think you should definitely give them a shot and see how they work for you. Now of course being last minute I grabbed a pair at the store. The only ones they had were 2XU Recovery Socks so I figured what is the difference and grabbed them… truth be told it is all the same material, but these had more material in the toe and heel. They are really hard to put on and TIGHT! I was nervous as to how my legs would get blood to them, but the idea is to actually keep the blood from pooling. Anyways long story short I did a 6 mile run in them and they were GREAT! The only thing I did not like was my feet were slipping in my sneakers way to much on the trails/hills. Big NONO! So I was not sure if it was just that they were new or they really were “recovery” socks and the extra toe/heal material was causing it. I did not want to chance it come race day so what did I do? I cut off the sock area wore my normal Nike Dri-Fit socks and used the calf part ;-). It worked great!
      • Side Note: I sit a lot during the day and I actually wore the socks a few days at the office and I have to site that is where they really shined for me. What a difference at the end of the day! At about $50 not the best for just sitting there. I was reading the ones you can get at the local pharmacy are just as good for that.
    • Clothing:I typically always wear more or less the same. Under Armor Shorts, Under Armor Tshirt or Long sleeve. This time around I wore the shorts and the long sleeve wit the Tshirt over it. With a 7:30 AM start it was in the 40’s, but it ended up being in the 80’s. Can’t really say that I was hot though and having the long sleeves really cut down on all the scrapes, can’t say that for my knees 😉 Almost wore tight running pants, but did not want to,but going forward I need to figure something out for knee protection. These scabby, oozing, stingy knees are old news LOL!!

What I would have done differently

  • I will try to cover all those things you say to yourself while you are trying to finish the race! Also in the section below I will go over some more beginner type stuff if you have never done a race or starting to prepare.
    • Training:So this being my 4th time doing a Spartan at Mt Creek I say to myself…”Why did I not do more hiking up mountains!” Truth is unless you are a BEAST you are not going to be running up the mountains! You will be hiking up them, hopefully fast! So find a mountain or stairs, or a stairmaster at the gym and get some time on it! I wish I had put a good solid hour or two a few times just hiking up and down a few mountains or stairs. I did do a good amount of hilly running, but these mountains are a lot steeper.
    • LEG Work: I also would have done a few extreme type workouts a few weeks out.. something like lunge a mile… yes a mile! or death by burpees “burpee a mile”! Yea for real! If you can get one or two of those under your belt your legs will be pretty solid! Again I did feel pretty good except for cramping, but I know if I would have gotten some steep hill hiking and done some lunge/burpee miles I would have been in a better place!
    • WarmUp: This is another one that I say to myself 5 minutes into the race. WHY DIDN’T YOU PROPERLY WARMUP!! I have read what people do to warm up, heck Hobie Call does a 40 minute warmup. Usually I do a few things… jumping jacks, running in place, some stretching. I guess it is just the excitement and wanting to get going, but DUH you gotta warm up. You gotta break a sweat. Trust me a 10-15 min warmup is not going to kill your race. If it was you are screwed anyway! This race since it was so cold I didn’t feel warmed up till about 35-40 minutes into the race!
    • Tapering: You have probably read about tapering all over the internet. Everyone has something else to say and for good reason! This is one of those things I will mention a lot on my site. You gotta know YOURSELF! What works for one maybe not work for you… anyways! For me I always feel like I haven’t done enough then I do something stupid and don’t feel 100% come race day! I think I finally have a good handle on it for “myself”! I over did it before last years sprint triathlon and was not where I needed to be. For the Beast I think I may have peaked the Sunday before race day lol. Ugh…. On the Wednesday before the race I did a slow mile on the treadmill where I stopped every 1/4 then did some pull ups, push ups etc.. small variation of this here… I should have really just rested… did an insanity warmup and some light stretching. I did not feel 100% going into the race. Hindsight I am going to try and really my extreme workouts the 3rd week out then a good taper week 2nd week out then the week of some very light warmups/stretching and prob few yoga workouts the mon/tues then rest up for race day! Again you gotta know your body and test things out.
    • IMG_2981Diet: I felt like nutrition for the race day was good! I had mentioned cramping up a lot at about mile 6. Never fun. I really thought I was going to have to be carried off the mountain. I have never felt my legs like that before. My quads would tighten… I would take a break stretch, get going then the hamstrings where I almost had to walk with my legs straight! LOL! I heard a lot of people say they were cramping so I really don’t know if it was the early cold morning or lack of salt etc… I had tried a new product called GQ6 FLOOID which seemed to have all the stuff I needed, so who really knows. Not sure if a salt packet or a mustard pack “which I saw a ton of on the mountain” would have helped more or not. One thing I was reading is sometimes drinking more water can deplete you of the sodium and I did drink a lot of water at the stations and via the pack so who really knows. If anyone out there knows more about it I would love to hear your take.
  • That is really it for what I would have done differently. I am sure I missed a few things, but I can’t remember it all!

Tips for beginners of obstacle racing

  • First I want to say… congrats! You either just signed up for an upcoming race and are scared to death or you just finished one and now you are looking to sign up to every race you can find. I know the feeling 😉
  • So after you read the rest of this and God bless you if you made it this far on this post I want you to check out my 5k Obstacle Training guide which goes over a lot of good info and lays out a nice 5k WOD I like to do.

Remember what works for someone may not be the right thing for you! You are going to read a ton of stuff online! Just because it is online does not mean it is Gospel truth! People will say anything lol. Heck I am just a Dad who likes to put my experiences out here because I know when I am searching the whackiest things about obstacle racing and I find a site where the person has the answer I needed, it was all worth it! So I hope I can help you. Feel free to ask questions/comment below.


  • Take a step back and really look at your current fitness level. When is the last time you sweat? Do you only sweat in the summer when it is hot walking from air conditioned buildings lol? Not being mean, just being realistic. If you sign up for a 8 mile race that is in 3-4 weeks and you haven’t worked out in 10 years, that is probably not the best idea!
    • Since I cannot know your true fitness level or history I would say you would want a good solid 6 weeks to get ready. I think for a 5k obstacle race that is totally doable even if you have not done much. It might be stretching it for a bigger race, but might be enough if you have been somewhat hitting the gym and staying in shape.
  • Running:When I signed up for my first Super Spartan I thought it was like a 5k warrior dash thing. My buddy didn’t tell me it was an 8+ mile race…”oh which was the first at Mt Creek and was just short of 12 miles” ha! I had not ran a mile in probably 5 years and had done 1 5k years before that which almost killed me! I ran 1 mile that weekend and felt like I was gonna die!! Now being an athlete most of my younger years and always staying pretty active I knew I could get ready. So basically if you go out and run a mile for the first time and feel horrible don’t worry. It will pass! You get a few more under your belt and you will actually enjoy it! I never would have thought I would go run a 5k for fun or push 5-6 mile runs. Pretty cool!
    • With that said… I was so focused on the running part for my first Spartan I didn’t really work on HIIT workouts. You know High Intensity Interval Training, like Crossfit type stuff. I still remember hitting the first obstacle and feeling completely drained and that was the FIRST one!! This was because I was doing more running and other steady state cardio, but nothing that had me pushing to my limits!
    • When you are training get uncomfortable, push yourself to where you think you have to stop, but don’t. That is the stuff that will get you through it. I am not saying running is not important. You have to run and get that time on your legs and that cardio, but you need to find the happy balance.
  • Workouts/Lifting: Depending on what race you are going after can really alter the training. If you can find a crossfit gym or any other type of gym that offers training like that you will be on your way. Even if you follow the 5k Wod I linked to before that will get you there. The other thing is Pull Ups! Go and buy a PULL UP BAR! Then read my post on how to increase your pullups and make it happen. I know you hate pull ups or you say you cannot do them. Listen my whole life I was able to do 1 pull up maybe 2! At 6’3″ 215-220lbs pullups are not that easy, but I can bang out 8-10 now and that has made obstacle racing a lot easier! You will be doing a lot of pulling yourself up and over things, hanging from things etc… so get your PULL-UPS on now!
  • chuck-taylors-150x150Gear:Listen you can go online and buy everything under the sun or you can use what you have. People used to play basketball in Chuck Taylors lol so you can finish the race in pretty much everything, but having the right stuff will definitely help!



Tri-state NJ Super Spartan Race Results 2012


From The ARCHIVES 7/24/2012: This is an old post from the very early days of when I started! I use it for reference of what I was doing right and more so WRONG, but also as motivation to see how far I have come. I will try to add in updates as I go over these, but I hope you might get something out of them!

Tri-State-Super-Spartan-2012-18-300x224WOW!! That is the first thing I can say about the Super Spartan!

If you came here for the official results you can click here
Out of 3500 people I came in 556 click here to see I was pretty proud of myself!
Ken came in 493 click here to see.
Craig came in 758 click here to see.
Bill came in 849 click here to see.

Also have some pics of all of us at the bottom!

Below I am going to try and write out my whole experience of the race. I will try to answer some questions I had going in and talking about obstacles etc… I might get a bit all over and I am sorry if I do, but the race was long and I forget a lot of it.

What a great day! I was still a bit nervous on Friday since I was still a bit sore from my deck of cards workout on Tuesday, but Friday night I had a decent sleep and woke up at 6AM feeling pretty good!

My buddy Ken came up Friday night so we could get a jump start on the day and get up to Mountain Creek for the 9AM heat.

Race Day Nutrition for Spartan Race

  • We both had pretty much the same meal. Cooked up a few eggs, some oatmeal with real blueberries, some green tea with a bit of honey some vitamins and we were heading out the door! We also planned on eating a banana and a cliff bar about an hour before the race when we got up there which we did. I had also planned on taking C4 pre workout drink that I had gotten a sample of at GNC a few weeks earlier. I had taken some during training and figured I could use all the help I could get. My plan was to take it at about 8:50 ish so it would kick in about 30-40 minutes into the race which it did and was very welcomed.

Eating during the race? Gels? GU Packs? Water Stations?

  • I had never done a race like this and had no clue how my body would react during it. We decided to pack some GU gels. We each had 1 pinned to our shorts. We ended up taking them at the second water station which was at the 3.5 mile mark I believe. Would have known, but Kens’ $250 Garmin Forerunner 310XT GPS watch was gone! Ugh! Somebody was a but upset We think it came off at the second obstacle where my other buddy Mike broke his ankle! Yeah it was starting off great!! I’ll talk more about that when I get the obstacles section. So we had our Gels took them and continued on. Let me just say I wish I had more!!

The first water station had water and brownie bars or something that we did not grab. The second station where we took our GU gels just had water. The third water station had water and some gritty Gatorade which was good. I wish I had one more GU pack, but I did not. After the 3rd series of wall obstacles I could feel my stomach getting HUNGRY!! Then out of nowhere and the rope net climb, some dude was like “anyone want a GU pack I have like 5 extra!” I grabbed one so fast and chowed down. It was some chocolate pudding and was the greatest thing I have ever tasted lol. It def helped me get through the rest of the race! After the race you are welcome to help yourself to all the sponsored goodies and a banana which I pretty much took all in then felt like I was going to yack 5 minutes later! Anyways back to the race. That was just a Hodge podge of how nutrition went for the day.

Spartan Race Gear

  • While training for the race I was constantly searching for information about what to wear race day, what shoes to wear in a Spartan race etc… I think I was prepared fairly well, but next time I know I will make a few changes.

Sneakers for Spartan Race

  • I had trained in New Balance trainers the whole time, even ran about 10 miles total in them while training. I was planning on just racing in them since they were old and I knew they would get ruined, but I decided to buy a pair of running shoes. I chose to buy a pair of Nike Air Pegasus + 28 while I was down in Delaware on vacation. These sneakers felt like I was walking on clouds and the grip they had was phenomenal! I slowly decided to wear these to the race and I am glad I did. With all the hills and rocky terrain I would have been slipping and sliding all over with my New Balance trainers. I can only recall a few times when I slipped up and I saw many people slipping up during the race. They also drained well in the water and I never felt weighed down by them or that they were soaking wet. They also cleaned up nice… tossed them in the washer machine with the rest of my gear. Who says you will ruin your shoes

Socks for Spartan Race

  • I wore Nike Dri Fit Running socks. They make a few styles, basketball are a bit thick so make sure you get the running ones. They actually have a left and a right sock and are really comfortable. They wick away water etc… so they never got soaked. I can say I had no issues with my feet at all! During the trail running I had about 3 little ankle turns, but nothing serious, just quick little turns that were fine.

Shorts for Spartan Race

  • I grabbed a pair of New Balance running shorts with the built in undies. Very nice They seemed to do the job just fine and seemed to dry up just fine after getting out of the water. I had pinned a GU Gel pack to the pockets. Yes these had pockets; most running shorts I saw did not. Of course after I wash them I find the tiny little inside flap I could have stuck the GU packet in. Next time

Shirt for Spartan Race

  • I wore your typical under armor T Shirt that I have had for about 5 years. It was great and dried fast. Had a few pulls from the barb wire in the end, but cleaned up fairly nice with a nice tint of brown to it lol.

Watch for Spartan Race

  • While I was getting my running shorts at Sports Authority they had a nice G Shock Iron-man Triathlon watch for about $39 which help up real nice. Couple scratches on the front thanks to the barbed wire crawl in the rocks, but it held up well for sure. I highly recommend you use a watch at one of these races. Mentally it was good to have so I could look at the time and how long I had been racing. There were moments where I had to take a break and it was easy to just look at the watch for a 10-20 second count rather than relying on me and my tired brain counting it out.

Other than that I had a change of clothes in the car and a plastic bag for all the muddy gear I was going to bring home. Oh yeah don’t forget another pair of shoes like I did. Had to drive home barefoot

The Start of the Super Spartan!

Waiting at the starting line was pretty intense since you had to sit there and wait and stare up at this huge mountain that you were about to climb up first thing! Ugh hills duh. Glad I had done those few mile sessions in on the stairs The race kicks off and we start running up the hill. Oh hey there is a copper head sneak!! WTH lol. Well… most people did a light run as long as they could, then like most of the race it turned into a hike up and down the hills which was killer on the legs. In fact when you hit level ground or ground with a slight grade it felt so easy to run on. Like I said the race was long so I am going to try and go through the obstacles in the order I can remember. I really don’t know how long each hill was or the trail running etc… and I hope The Spartan Race might post the actual course on the site so we shall see.

Anyways here is the best I can recollect of the race course. If you have any notes to add please add them in the comments below. Seems like every time I go over it I remember some other obstacle! Lol

Tri State Super Spartan 2012 Obstacles

“Warning – Some obstacles I am just making up names ”

Over Under Through

  • This was the first obstacle which was pretty easy, over a wall, under the wall with some netting, then through a wall with a hole in it. I remember it was easy, but my first jump over the wall I put my foot on the top and it slid to the side, but luckily I caught myself. Could have easily pulled my groin, so the next one I made sure to just hop over since they were not that high. All these little things you learn as you do them. Ken still had his GPS and said that was a the 1 mile mark. Ugh 1 mile up a hill for the first section of the race!

Swimming Under Canoes & Onto a Floating Dock

  • This is where things went a bit south. Basically you had to swim like 20-ish feet, go under a canoe then swim under another canoe then climb up a floating dock and jump off onto the shore line. It was not that hard and it felt good to get wet and cool off. Unfortunately this is where my buddy Mike jumped off and busted his ankle. It was shallow on the other side of the docked and he jumped off to hard. Not sure if he landed on a rock under water or what, but all I know is he screamed that he heard a pop. So… we were watching him wondering if it was just a quick twist or was he really out of commission. Like a trooper Mike said go ahead, so we did and his buddy Craig stayed for about another 10 minutes. Later we would find out that he had a clean break on his ankle. Not good!! There was a water station right after that so I am assuming that was mile marker 2… because oh yeah that is where Ken noticed his GPS watch was gone… so he ran back to see if it was floating or around, but no luck. We carried on!

Mud Pits

  • Next were some pretty basic mud pits. You jump in and climb out. There was probably 4 of them I think? The one thing I took from doing the first obstacle and seeing Mike break his ankle on the second was use caution in every one! I wasn’t jumping in like crazy or just going at it. I was trying to actually see what some other people were doing and then go into it with caution. At 34 years old, with 2 kids 3yr and 6 months I cannot afford to be out of commission, so that is how I rolled the rest of the race. The bad thing about this obstacle was there was some grit and mud getting all up in you and your shoes.

After the mud pits there seemed like what had to be a few miles of trail running. I have to say I felt really good running, so mentally that was a boost. This is where the C4 started kicking in too

Cliff Jump

  • We came to the cliff jump. I forget if it was 23 feet or 25 feet. All I know is if you did not do the cliff jump you had to do 50 burpees. Honestly I don’t know how you would do 50 burpees then continue on, but if you did then kudos to you. I looked off the cliff, bent my legs and weeeee…… jumped right in. It was refreshing and it cleaned us up nice! It also cooled us down and I felt ready to rock. I had actually been feeling good at this point and I think we had been racing for about an hour , so we decided to take our GU gel packs. Yummy. There was a water station after the cliff jump as well. I think I only took about a cup of water, maybe a cup and a half.

Hobie Hopps? “ I think they are called this”

  • These were a pain. Take this little rubber band and stick it around your ankles then walk up the hill and hop over the logs. Wow my calves were on fire from this, but we got through it.
  • After those we started and uphill battle again, only to go back down a longer hill. I actually remember this hill from when I used to snow board up here. It was a lot easier on my Burton The one good thing that was going on was that we would talk to a few people and would hear they were from the 8am heat or the 8:30am heat so it made us feel good that we were doing fairly well. At this point Ken and I were still running together. Bill was somewhere behind us, Mike was down waiting, and Craig was somewhere back by Bill… I think…

Sand Bags

  • So after going up and down a huge hill, we come to the bottom and they have 40lb sand bags for us to carry up and then down the hill. Ughh…. This was tough and I took a good amount of breaks. I opted for to carry the sand bags on my shoulders alternating sides. I saw people carrying them on their heads, but I did not want that weight on my neck since I was tired and unstable and my old herniated disc, did not need any more damage. I am not sure how long that was, but it had to be at least 50 yards up then down? Maybe even more? Anyone?

Water Station – This was the 3rd water station and they had water and some gritty Gatorade which I think helped. Who knows, but it was better than water. I had one cup of Gatorade and 1 cup of water.

Tire Flip

  • So right after the sand bag carry and the water station was the tire flip. You need to flip a giant tractor tire 4 times in any direction. My first attempt and I didn’t lift it. I did not realize how heavy they were and how tired I was. So I had to really use everything to get them flipped.

OK so after the tire flip it was back up the hill then over to a nightmare of a rock hill. This was not an obstacle, just part of the course, but it was insane. It was just rocks up and up an up. People were yelling out… watch out! Rock falling lol. There were a few times I had to sit down and take a good 30 second break. I am not even sure how long it took me to get up that hill, but this is where the gap between Ken and I started to grow. Also I remember just looking down not only at the rocks, but at other times thinking about all the plants I was crawling through just thinking about poisons something. Well today some bumps are popping up on my arms so we shall see how that goes!

Concrete Block Chain Drag

  • After the rock climb this was waiting at the top. So you had a thick heavy chain tied to what seemed like half a cinder block, but bigger and you had to drag it behind you. I was so tired when I got to it. I was trying to keep up with Ken and I was getting so drained so I took another little break. When I got back up there was a guy in front of me going so slowly. I was like go faster, but then I said to myself, pace yourself or you are going to burn out. I think on that rock wall and here I was getting the most tired and had thoughts of… “Can I do this? “Will I finish?” I dragged it around a put it back in the box I took it out of. I could see Ken up at the next obstacle.

Herculean Hoist

  • This is basically a rope over a pulley with a big cement chunk on the other end. Seems like a 5 gallon buckets worth of cement. You have to pull it to the top then let it down gently. I had watched people online doing it so I grabbed as high as I could and then used my body weight to pull it down and sat on the ground to pull it. It was actually easier than I thought so that was a good thing.

After another little run we came to the next obstacle.

Monkey Bars

  • By this point I was exhausted. I did not want to do burpees. I had messed around on the monkey bars at the playground a few times to see how they felt and I did OK on them, but I wasn’t the best. I figured this was going to be tough. Being 6’3” is good sometimes so I reached out to about the 3rd bar and started on the bars. I was swinging pretty well and going from bar to bar. I got to the second to last one and I was dead in the water. Aghhhh… I was able to swing my body and get some momentum and get to the last bar and finished them! Boo ya!

Wall Climbs

  • Not Sure of Exact Height, but was 3 series at lets say 6, 7, and 8 feet?
  • Well… this is the last that I saw Ken , as I came off the Monkey Bars I saw him waiting there rubbing his legs. We both looked at each other and that was it. He would later tell me he had to catch up to this woman who was beating us the whole time lol. Seriously she was in front of us half the race and we just could not catch up. He eventually passed her Go Ken…….. I was stuck on my own…. As I approached the wall a woman “Melissa” asked for help. I said sure, but I cannot assure you where my hands my slip helping. She was cool with that lol. I gave her a boost over then attempted the wall myself. I was able to get over it, but banged my knee and can now see the bruises under my arms as well. Ouch. I continued to help her over the next few and I also got some help from another guy who I helped on the last series of walls as well. Turns out she had a baby 3 months earlier and a C-Section! Dang and I was complaining! Good job Melissa!!

Final Water Station – There was a final water station there where I actually ran into a guy I played BBall at home with. They only had water. At this point my stomach was starting to feel empty. I knew that wasn’t good and was not sure what I had left in me. I felt tired, but I was not totally drained and knew I had more left in me.

Rope Net Climb

  • This was pretty cool. I had never done anything like this before, but basically it was a roped net you climb up and over. Had to be 20ish feet high? People that climbed before you would wait at the bottom of the other side to pull the net tight to help others. I heard one guy say “always keep 3 points of contact on the rope and you go over” so that is what I did. Low and behold as I got over and started to hold the netting tight for the next person, some guy shouted who wants a GU pack I have extra. I grabbed one like it was my last meal. It was chocolate pudding flavor and so good! That was what I needed! Thanks to the dude who handed them out! You da man!!

Tyrolean Traverse

  • Not fun! Well we came up to the Tyrolean Traverse where you climb across a rope that stretches across a river or stream. I had never done this before and I tried to watch others do it, so I had some idea of how I wanted to do it. I am not even sure how long it was, but there was a bell you had to ring in the middle to complete it. I hopped on and started to move, but I was basically using all my arms and just dragging my ankles across the rope. Not good! Note to self “long socks next time”. So I started burning my ankles with the rope. My legs came off the rope and I was ready to fall, but somehow I managed to get my legs back up! Thanks AB Ripper X! I really was not able to get the right movement and after seeing my ankles getting bloody I dropped into the muddy waters, the first obstacle I failed. Boo…. Check out my ankles. Hurts the most!












Net Climb

  • Next there was a net climb I guess you call it where you climb up and over the net, but it was not straight up like the other one. This was easy, just had to take your time because that net would stretch and move so I needed to make sure I had a good footing before taking another step.


Slip & Slide

  • Woot Woot. Some lady was shouting about 100 feet of awesomeness, so that sounded good to me. It felt nice to just lay down and slide down the wet, cold, and clean slide into a muddy pit lol.

Slipper Wall

  • This is basically an angled wall with ropes you can use to pull yourself up and over. Of course they cover it in soap. The back side of the wall had like rungs of 2 x4’s to get down. This was the only time I thought I was gonna cramp up. My calf cramped for a second, but I got over and was good to go. On a side note I saw a lot of people cramping up or curled up in balls screaming because of cramps. Ouch! I held up well with that somehow. I also saw people rubbing powder on their legs. Anyone know what that is?

The END is NEAR!!

After that it was a downhill jog to the bottom for the last obstacles to finish the race!

Tri-State-Super-Spartan-2012-16-224x300Spear Throw

  • This is where you toss a spear into a bale of hay from 10-20 yards.I had been watching the volunteers practice when we got there and tried to pick up some tips, but who knew how it would go when your exhausted at the end of the race. I got my spear and was given the instructions. The cool thing was this was right at the bottom of the mountain and all the racers and spectators were there just yelling cheering etc… I grabbed the spear and just tried to balance it in my hand and give it a toss. Bam right in the hay! AROO!!! People cheered me on and it felt great!!

Traverse Wall

  • Ugh this looked tough. I had tried the practice wall before the race and did ok, but not so much here lol. Basically there is a wall with small 2×4’s nailed to it and you need to get yourself across it. I went to the last wall which looked the driest and grabbed on. My grip felt OK and a made it a few feet, but somehow I got my one leg ahead of me and just could not get it back and I fell. Buu!!! 2nd Obstacle I failed!

Rope Climb

  • I was a bit nervous about this, but the good thing was the rope climb had knots every 3 feet. You had to climb to the top and ring the bell. I hopped on, pulled up, got my feet on the knots and made my way to the top. At the top my feet lost grip and I was hanging on with my arms. I managed to get my feet back on and pushed up and got the bell. That one felt good!!

barbed-wire-spartan-300x199Barbed Wire Crawl

  • You gotta be kidding me!! I want to get the actually distance of this. This was an uphill barbed wire crawl in rocks and mud. More rocks them mud I think. I have scratches everywhere. Thank God I was wearing a shirt! Just when you thought you were at the top there was another stretch. There were a few ravines of water to go through as well. Knowing that the finish line was right there made it a lot easier!

Fire Jump

  • After the Barbed Wire Crawl I told myself take 30 seconds to recoup. I did not want to trip or fall into logs on fire lol. They were not that high and I jumped over with ease…

Gladiator Arena

  • There are a few dudes with Pugil sticks trying to knock you down before the finish line. On some of the videos I have seen people really get hit hard with this, so I was trying to not get knocked out or tripped up. I ran at them with medium speed and jumped over the guy on the lefts pugil stick and knocked the other one with my arm instead of my head


  • Ahhhhhh the finish line. I crossed and was awarded a metal. The lady told me I was awesome and I whole heatedly agreed Some lady handed me a banana, some guys gave me a t-shirt, there was Chocolate coconut water I chugged, then some Gaspari nutrition drink, then some body armor drink, then I ate my banana and some water. Then I wanted to yack lol. They cut off my time chip and tossed it into the box to reveal later that I had finished in 3 Hours & 33 Minutes. Not bad! I was originally thinking about 2 hours maybe a little more, but who knew I was going to hike up and down Mt Creek half a dozen times

It was an awesome experience and was great to see Ken and Mike at the finish. It was also good to see Bill finish up as well. He didn’t even train!! Crazy man, but he did it. Craig finished up as well and we started packing it up. Mike would later find out his ankle was broke. We get em next year bro!!

We showered off at the hosing station and hobbled to the car. The soreness was setting in. We started our drive, got some food and got home! I was ridiculously hungry that night and the next day! I ate what I wanted lol

As of today, Monday I am still pretty sore, but my ankles are really what is bothering me. Pretty much anything I do hurts with them, so I will have to wait and see how they heal up. I am going to take the next few days off and see how I feel before I start up again. I will go for a massage tomorrow or Wednesday as well

What to train for next

Here are some pics of us at the event. Maybe next time I’ll carry my water proof handheld.