Monster Obstacle and mud race is coming to Devon for the very first time

monster obstacle and mud race is heading to Devon for the very first time

A monster obstacle and mud race are headed to Devon for the very first time ever and it is being held next year. Here is what you need to know about the race.

The race will be held at the Escot Park in Exeter in 2018. According to the people organizing it, there it will be unlike anything you have ever experienced in your life, especially in the South West.

The race will take place on March 17, 2018, and will have obstacles in every event of it whether the contestants choose 5k or 10k runs. The number of obstacles within the race is still being kept secret but you can easily expect them to be around 25 obstacles per race.

You will also have the opportunity to enter the race as a team or as an individual but the race organizers claim that it is much more fun to enter as a team.

You can expect to see obstacles like climbing, water, carrying, leaps, stepping stones, great wall, bogs of stench and more.

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