SwimJitsu is coming back to Edwardsville

swimjitsuThe popular Swimjitsu event is returning to the Chuck Fruit Aquatic Center in Edwardsville. The event was originally introduced by USA swimming a couple of years ago. It will now be taking place in Edwardsville on August 12 and 13.

The event will start every day at 9 AM and will be two hours in length. It will have several waves of 2-hour length races starting at 9 AM and finishing at 7 PM.

Swimjitsu is popularly known for being a 10 part obstacle course that tests the wisdom, agility, and speed of its competitors. Unlike other races which are done out in the fields, SwimJitsu takes place in water.

Participants start with a quick swim where they have to cross a bridge and a jump. From there on there are various other obstacles in place.

Registrations are currently open and children from age 8-19 and over can apply. Every age group has their own window of racing.

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